Troubled: A Return to Haven

Hosted ByRichard & Alex French

Episode 1: Buttermilk

Welcome to the first episode of Troubled: A Return to Haven, we’re a Rewatch Podcast dedicated to the 2010 SyFy Original Show called Haven, based on the novella by Stephen King, the Colorado Kid. We’re your hosts Alex and Richard French, the father/son podcasting duo from Denver, Colorado.

In our first episode, we talk about the pilot episode of Haven (titled ‘Welcome to Haven’) and everything that comes with it. This first episode is a bit of a different format than the following episodes, we go through the episode with you, giving our notes as we go. Moving forward, we summarize the show and then give our observations, praise, and criticism.

Thanks for listening and taking a ride back to Haven, Maine with us. Check us out on Twitter, check out our Patreon, and any of the other assorted links down below. Show notes below the links.

Show Notes:

00:40 – CreatiScope:

01:25 – Eureka:

04:45 – Captain & Tenille:

26:50 – Warehouse 13:

28:00 – Got the Terminator wrong. It’s Robert Patrick, not Jason Patric

39:00 – OJ Simpson Chase:

59:00 – Locke & Key:



Twitter: @HavensTroubled (who took all the good Haven names???)



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Haven Wiki:

Music by: Antti Luode (Creative Commons 3.0)

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Read the Colorado Kid:

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