We’re Restructuring Our Patreon Tiers!

For those of you that might’ve joined us before to listen to Troubled with Extra Syrup on our only Patreon Tier, we’re excited to announce a restructuring! Before, we only had the single-tier that got you access to our Patron-exclusive Bonus Episodes. BUT, we’ve added two new tiers!

To start, we have our Haven Tourist tier for $1. It’s an easy entrance fee to support us, and you gain access to a couple of things. For starters, you get a shout out on our Podcast! And if that’s not enough for you, we’ll be supplying the very notes we use to make our Podcast! The notes we write to each other in preparation of recording, the meticulous description of the episodes, and the itinerary for the actual recording, so you can take a peek behind the curtain and see the process behind the making of Troubled: A Return to Haven.

In our second tier, the Haven Resident Tier, you’ll gain access to our bonus series, Troubled with Extra Syrup. These are exclusive episodes that won’t be released anywhere else! We cover anything that might be outside the normal boundaries of the show. So, if you’ve been curious about The Colorado Kid? We cover that. Want to hear about the licensed music used in the show? We cover that too.

In our Final tier, Haven’s Troubled, you join the elite tier that has access to Troubled: Director’s Cut where we leave in all of the hilarious tangents and jokes that might not be heard in the episodes proper. If you like what you hear and want a bit of that extra flavor, this is the Tier for you. And as our final incentive, this tier allows for a Live Chat with Rich and Alex French, the hosts of Troubled: A Return to Haven. And if you want, it can be recorded and turned into a Bouns Episode for your fellow Troubled listeners to hear.

Thanks for taking this journey with us and returning to Haven. We appreciate everything you do for this and we want to keep creating content for everyone to enjoy, not just fans of the show! And we couldn’t do that without you. Thank you.

-Rich and Alex French

P.S. – We have a secret benefit coming out after Episode 6. It will be available to all that join our Haven Tourist tier and upward. It’s a secret for now, but we think you’re going to like it.

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