Troubled: A Return to Haven

Hosted ByRichard & Alex French

Episode 1 is OUT NOW!

Welcome back to Haven, ye faithful listeners. Troubled: A Return to Haven rewatch podcast has just begun. Covering the 2010 SyFy Channel Original series Haven, based on the novella by Stephen King, The Colorado Kid, your hosts Richard and Alex French cover every episode. We’ll be watching every episode of Haven and basing an episode around that. Each episode usually features an extra segment at the end that can either be funny, raise questions, or just to discuss Haven-related stuff.

If that isn’t enough for you though, we are releasing a secondary series called Troubled with Extra Syrup here on Patreon. Patrons will get to enjoy a bonus episode every month that covers anything from the novella Haven is based on, The Colorado Kid, to an album review of all the music used in Haven. Plus, there is plenty of fan interaction and suggestions will be taken seriously as to what the next Patron-exclusive episode should be focused on.

Listen to the episode here:

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Twitter: @HavensTroubled

Tell us what you think about the Podcast, give us suggestions, tips, hate mail, whatever you want, we want to hear from you. And check back here for news and updates about upcoming episodes.

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