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Episode 13.5: Season 1 Overview

Our Thoughts on Season 1

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Episode 13: Vegan

Ready for one last ride with Season 1 of Haven? Join hosts Alex and Rich French in a discussion about the season finale to Haven, Spiral. IMPORTANT: Check for the Extra Episode (#13.5) to hear our discussion on the season overall. Show Notes: 00:00...

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Episode 12: Nutella-Stuffed

Covering Episode 12: Resurfacing

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Episode 11: Gingerbread

Covering Episode 11: The Trial of Audrey Parker

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Episode 10: Rum & Cranberry

Covering Episode 10: The Hand You're Dealt

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Episode 9.5: Haven Survivor Simulator

The second part of episode 9 where we go through the whole Survivor Simulator

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